What Is the Difference Between English and British Bulldogs?

Both the English bulldog and the British bulldog refer to the same breed of dog, the bulldog, hence there is no distinction between them. According to Bulldogs World, some individuals use the “English” or “British” qualifier to distinguish between bulldogs and other bulls, such as mastiffs and terriers, for the uninformed.

The National Kennel Association recognises the American bulldog as a distinct breed, and it differs from the English bulldog in several ways. According to Daily Puppy, American bulldogs are taller and more muscular. English bulldogs weigh 40 to 50 pounds on average, while American bulldogs weigh 85 to 105 pounds on average. Additionally, American bulldogs have longer legs and leaner bodies. Note that the American Kennel Club does not recognise the American bulldog as a separate breed.

Bulldogs were initially raised in England as farm animals and utilised in the cruel pastime of bullbaiting, in which dogs bit and shook the noses of bulls. Although bullbaiting was believed to improve the quality of the bulls’ meat, it became a source of pleasure as well as a farming technique. The physical qualities of Bulldogs, such as their body width, muscularity, and strong jaws, along with their innate aggression, made them an ideal option for this harsh exercise.

Modern bulldog breeders are temperament-focused. According to DogTime, after the ban on bullbaiting in 1835, breeders ceased breeding violent dogs and instead chose only mild canines. Because of this, modern bulldogs have a reputation for being sociable, gentle, and affectionate. However, the distinct morphological qualities of bulldogs have changed little over time. As a result, bulldogs experience a variety of health issues.


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