What Is the Difference Between a Supercharger and a Blower?

The difference between a supercharger and a blower is that a supercharger is attached to the front of a vehicle and piped to the intake, while a blower is attached to the intake on the block. A supercharger is also different because it is driven by a belt and only forces air into the manifold. On the other hand, a blower forces both air and the air-fuel mixture into the engine.

The size of superchargers and blowers also varies. Superchargers go inside the hood, while blowers stick out. A supercharger is an air compressor that makes the air inside the engine more dense or pressurised. It forces air into the engine, which makes the air denser and lets the engine take in more oxygen. The crankshaft of the engine can connect to a belt, shaft, gear, or chain that drives the supercharger. On the other hand, blowers move air forward by using centrifugal force. Because they both use forced induction, there isn’t much difference between how blowers and superchargers work.

Superchargers are like pumps because each stroke of a pump moves a certain amount of fluid. On the other hand, blowers work like fans because they move less air when they work. Since both are air compressors, a supercharger and a blower might seem to be the same thing. The way the two work, though, is different.


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