What Is the Difference Between a Pastor, Minister and Reverend?

Pastor, minister, and reverend differ in that reverend is a title, not a position, minister is a minister of religion, and pastor is synonymous with minister. Also used to characterise Christian leaders are the titles elder and bishop.

In the Jewish society, an elder was a common title, although in the Christian community, it is rarely used but still possible. It refers to an elderly individual who serves as a spiritual guide. A bishop is a supervisor who oversees multiple churches. The pastor or minister is the spiritual leader or overseer of his congregation. A pastor or minister will serve only one church at a time and will lead that church’s weekly services and additional church activities. The pastor or minister is sometimes addressed as reverend. The precise term for the job varies from from to denomination and congregation to church.

Shepherd is the literal meaning of the term pastor, which is where the title pastor originated. The Bible uses this image when it states that God leads a herd of sheep, who represent his Christian followers. Similarly, the term “pastor” is employed here to indicate that the pastor is shepherding his congregation toward Christ and ultimate salvation.


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