What Is the Best Way to Figure Out Which County an Address Is In?

Entering the ZIP code into a database such as USPS.com or ZIP-Info.com will reveal the county an address is located in. For a particular city or ZIP code, these websites return the county name or FIPS code.

A city may be located in multiple counties, depending on its size. By inputting a city’s name, CityCountyCrossReference.info can tell you which county it is in. To view the matching county or counties, first click the applicable state on the map, then enter the city. Multnomah, Washington, and Clackamas counties, for example, overlap in Portland, Oregon.

By entering a ZIP code into the search area and selecting to display the county name and FIPS code, you can find the county that corresponds to it on ZIP-Info.com. When you enter a valid ZIP code, you’ll get the name of the city, state, and county, as well as the FIPS code for that location. In Multnomah County, Oregon, for example, the ZIP code 97204 is used.

If a ZIP code is not contained in an address, customers can use the USPS website’s search engine to determine the related ZIP code by entering a street address. It also has common acronyms for the address.


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