What Is the Best Blackhead Suction Vacuum?

The Stonefield Blackhead Extractor is recognised as the greatest blackhead suction vacuum because it can extract blackheads, acne, and under-skin pimples without harming the surrounding skin or leaving scars. The vacuum can eliminate the infection, the core, and surface imperfections. This gadget was initially conceived by a medical doctor, who was then succeeded by a mechanical engineer.

To use the Stonefield Blackhead Extractor, place the appropriate-sized tip into the plunger’s end. Then, set the vacuum’s tip on top of the blackhead and push the entire device into the pore. This will produce one pound of pressure, which will become the vacuum. The upper portion of the blackhead will enter the vacuum’s nozzle. Release the plunger’s pressure, allowing the blackhead to be sucked into the vacuum chamber.

For hygienic purposes, it is essential that the tips be sanitised with alcohol prior to use and cleaned thoroughly with hot water after each use. After sterilisation, the manufacturer suggests immersing the tips in hot water to soften them. To maintain maximum suction within the vacuum, apply petroleum jelly to all moving parts.


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