What Is the Barium Nitrate Molar Mass?

Barium nitrate has a molar mass of 261.32 g/mol. This salt’s chemical name is Ba(NO3)2, which stands for barium and the nitrate ion. At room temperature, it is a solid that is white in colour.

Calculate the molar masses of each atom that makes up Ba(NO3)2 in order to estimate its molar mass. On the Periodic Table of the Elements, you may look up the molar mass of every atom.

The atoms in barium nitrate have molar weights of 137.3, 14.01, and 16 grammes for barium, nitrogen, and oxygen, respectively. The molar masses are added together to get 261.32 grammes: 137.3 + (214.01) + (616). Barium nitrate has a molar mass of 261.32 grammes.


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