What Is the Average Pit Bull Heat Cycle?

Pit bulls stay in heat for about 18 to 21 days, and most other dog breeds also do, according to WebMD and The Real Pit Bull. Beginning at the age of 6 months, female pit bulls go into heat about twice a year, every 6 months. Smaller dog breeds frequently have their first heat cycle when they are under 6 months old.

A dog will display a number of symptoms during estrus, such as frequent urination, an increase in anxiety, and a propensity to get easily sidetracked.

The female pit bull will frequently elevate her back legs in front of male dogs when she is ready to start reproducing. Additionally, female dogs in heat have a vulva that is enlarged and discharges blood. As soon as the female is prepared to start reproducing, the discharge turns clear in hue.

According to WebMD, female pit bulls only get interest from male dogs for half the period that they are in heat, which lasts for roughly 18 to 21 days. By having pit bulls spayed as soon as feasible, the main risk of an unintended pregnancy is eliminated.

Another advantage of spaying is that it lowers the risk of breast cancer and disorders of the reproductive system. Most vets can perform a female pit bull’s spay as early as two months of age.


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