What Is the Apostolic Dress Code?

The dress code of the Apostolic Church says that all members must dress modestly. Women aren’t allowed to wear pants, and the hemlines of their skirts and dresses must fall below the knee. They can’t cut their hair or wear make-up or jewellery other than their wedding rings. Men must keep their hair short, and they can’t grow facial hair. Full-length pants are required, and jewellery other than watches and wedding bands is frowned upon.

The goal of Apostolic dress codes, which are most common in the Apostolic branch of the Pentecostal church movement, is to encourage modesty. The Apostolic view of the Bible says that modest clothing should cover all parts of the body that aren’t needed for everyday life. This is to keep people from thinking about lust. Both men and women are often asked to wear clothes that cover their elbows and ankles when they go to church. Women can’t wear anything that shows the shape of their bodies, like tight clothes, low necklines, or shirts without sleeves.

Apostolic religions think that this strict dress code helps people keep their bodies and minds in check. They are asked to be as modest with their actions, speech, and body language as they are with what they wear. They are also asked not to do things that are seen as lustful, like dancing or swimming with people of different genders.


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