What Is the Apostolic Code of Dress?

All members of the Apostolic Church are required to dress modestly according to the church’s dress code. Pants are forbidden for women, and skirts and dresses must have hemlines that fall below the knee. They are not allowed to trim their hair or wear makeup or jewellery other than their wedding bands. The hair of a male must be kept short, and facial hair is not permitted. Outside of watches and wedding bands, full-length pants are necessary, and jewellery other than watches and wedding bands is discouraged.

Apostolic dress regulations, which are common in the Apostolic wing of the Pentecostal church movement, are meant to encourage modesty. To ward off sexual thoughts, the Apostolic interpretation of the Bible requires for modest clothing that covers all portions of the body that are not necessary for everyday operations. Churchgoers, both male and female, are frequently encouraged to dress in apparel that covers their elbows and ankles. Tight apparel, low necklines, and sleeveless shirts are among the items that women are forbidden to wear because they reveal their bodies’ curves.

This rigorous dress rule, according to Apostolic religions, serves to promote physical and emotional humility. They are expected to apply the dress code’s modesty to their physical gestures, behaviour, voice, and body language as well. They are also encouraged to refrain from engaging in lustful activities such as dancing or swimming in mixed company.

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