What is the answer to the riddle, “What has eyes but can’t see?”

Eyes help living things see and understand what they see. Most living things have two eyes, but some have more. There are things with eyes that can’t see. Things like potatoes, needles, and some kinds of storms have eyes but can’t see.

A Potato

Small “eyes” that aren’t really eyes are all over potatoes. They are instead buds. When certain things happen, the eyes will open and send out sprouts. Potatoes can sprout when they get too much sun, get too hot, or don’t get enough air.

Sometimes it’s good for potatoes to grow sprouts. You can plant the potato and its sprout to get a new plant and a new crop of potatoes. If you want to eat the potato, you don’t want the eyes to grow. Medline Plus says that potato sprouts are dangerous and that you shouldn’t eat them. Once a potato’s eyes start to grow sprouts, the potato’s quality goes down. A potato that has grown a lot of sprouts will eventually die and go bad.

A Needle

Also, the eyes on sewing needles can’t see. Sewing needles are long, thin tools that usually have a sharp point at one end and a small hole, or “eye,” at the other. Hand-sewing and embroidery needles have the eye on the other end, while sewing machine needles have the eye on the pointy end.

Even though the eye of a needle is usually very small, it can be different sizes. For instance, the eyes on tapestry needles tend to be bigger than those on other needles. The holes in tapestry needles are big enough to fit a thick piece of wool thread or six strands of embroidery floss. The eyes on chenille needles and long darner needles are also bigger than those on other kinds.

A Typhoon

In a hurricane, the eye is right in the middle of the storm. When a hurricane gets an eye in the middle, it usually means that the storm is getting stronger.

University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) says that the size of the centre of a storm is usually between 20 and 40 miles. Even though there are usually strong winds and rain in the parts of the storm that come before and after the eye, the area inside the eye is usually calm. The area around the eye of a hurricane is called the eyewall. Even though the eye itself is calm, the winds and weather tend to be the worst in the eyewall.

A Tornado

Tornadoes also have eyes, but they are not the same as hurricane eyes. Most of the time, only tornadoes with a single vortex have eyes. The eyes of tornadoes are near the centre of the vortex, just like the eye of a hurricane. In the centre of a hurricane, the winds are calm, but in the centre of a tornado, the winds are moving at the same speed as the tornado.

Another difference between the eye of a tornado and the eye of a hurricane is that few people have lived to tell about seeing the eye of a tornado.

What do Riddles Mean?

Riddles like “What has eyes but can’t see?” are meant to get you to think about things in new ways. The way a riddle is written can make it seem like it’s asking a question that doesn’t make sense. Sometimes, the answer to a riddle depends on making a link between two words that don’t seem to go together.

Different kinds of riddles

What has eyes but can’t see? is similar to the following riddles:

“What is deaf but has ears?” (Corn)

“What is red all over and black and white?” (An article)

“What can’t be shut but can be opened?” (An egg)


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