What Is the 200-Channel AT&T U-Verse List?

The AT&T U-Verse U200 TV package channel list includes FOX, truTV West, American Movie Channel, Home & Garden Television, and Great American Country. For an extra monthly fee, the plan includes 350 apps and channels in either standard definition or high definition.

Since AT&T uses channel mapping, the actual channel numbers vary from region to region but the programming is always the same. Customers whose subscriptions include FOX get access to the same programmes, such as “American Idol,” “MasterChef,” and “Empire,” whether they reside on the East Coast or the West Coast.

In addition to specialty English and Latino packages, a movie package, premium add-on channels, and premium packages, AT&T also provides the U200 TV bundle. HBO, Cinemax, Encore, Starz, and Showtime are examples of premium add-on channels.

Subscribers have the option of choosing a family of premium channels linked to a specific network or adding individual premium channels to their account.

A total of 30 extra HBO channels, including HBO Family, HBO Latino, HBO2, and high definition HBO channels, are included in the HBO premium bundle in addition to HBO. In contrast, the typical U200 TV package includes approximately 14 HD channels from HBO.

Other add-on packages by interest are also available from AT&T, including sports packages and foreign packages. These bundles include FOX Sports or ESPN networks, the Outdoor channel, as well as Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, and Filipino content.

On ATT.com, you may find comprehensive information regarding AT&T U-Verse TV bundles.


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