What Is Powdered Seahorse?

According to Acupuncture Today, seahorse powder is a component used in traditional Chinese medicine. It is composed of dried seahorses, a fish with a horse-shaped head and a curled tail. Additionally available in tablet or capsule form is seahorse powder. Additionally, some markets sell whole seahorses.

According to Breakthroughs Magazine, seahorses are used to treat asthma, stomach pain, incontinence, and toxic edoema. They are also regarded as an aphrodisiac and an impotence remedy. According to Acupuncture Today, seahorse powder should be taken in quantities of 1 to 3 grammes. Additionally, it can be applied topically to wounds and infections. High amounts of powdered seahorse may cause kidney failure; therefore, users should see a physician before using this supplement.

The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species recognises seahorses as a threatened species.

Endangered Species, according to the magazine Breakthroughs. This is due in part to the degradation of their coastal habitat and their use in Chinese medicine. Many nations restrict or prohibit the fishing and export of seahorses.

Some nations have difficulty preventing the illegal trade of seahorses. According to the BBC, Peru prohibited seahorse fishing in 2004, yet smugglers continue to capture and transport seahorses to Asia. Authorities estimate that 16,000 dried seahorses that were seized in 2012 could have been sold for up to $250,000 each.


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