What Is Non-Matter?

Non-matter refers to ideas and things that don’t have mass or occupy space in the physical universe. Typically, non-matter items cannot be tasted, touched, or have a scent. Generally speaking, different types of energy are regarded as non-matter.

Either matter or non-matter can be applied to anything that exists in the known cosmos. The light that comes from a torch and the heat produced by a fire are two instances of commonplace non-matter items.

Non-matter is also thought to include sounds like those produced by speakers or a siren for the police.

Information and memories are examples of abstract concepts that are regarded as belonging to non-matter. These ideas are part of the observable cosmos, but they lack any physical substance and are therefore impossible to observe with conventional tools.

Not everything that cannot be seen is regarded as non-matter. Even though they aren’t visible to the naked eye, some things, such the air or the perfume’s scent, can be used to determine their existence by taste or smell. Atoms are another type of non-observable stuff that can only be observed under a microscope by reflecting light off them.


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