What is NBC News’s email address?

On its website, NBC News has three different email addresses for getting in touch: contact.nbcnews@nbcuni.com, mediainquiries@msnbc.com, and footage@nbcuni.com. Each email address is used for something different by the people who buy its news products.

NBC News asks viewers to send an email to contact.nbcnews@nbcuni.com if they want to give feedback on a show or let them know about a mistake in one of their shows. Reporters can send an email to mediainquiries@msnbc.com to get in touch with the NBC News Public Relations office.

You can email NBC News if you want to use footage from NBC Nightly News, MSNBC, Today Show, Meet the Press, or any other NBC News show. NBC News can be reached at footage@nbcuni.com if you want to use that video for work.


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