What Is MVA Power?

Megavolt amperes (MVA) is the unit of apparent power measurement. The apparent power is the sum of the circuit’s total current and voltage. The phrase is favoured in descriptions of total electrical power in installations, and it encompasses both real and reactive power. It is the standard rating for large electrical facilities, including transformers and generators.

Calculating megavolt amperes requires the use of additional derivatives, such as kilovolt amperes. One megawatt ampere is equivalent to one thousand kilowatt amperes. When installing generators and transformers in an electric power substation, engineers always consider the substation’s capacity; thus, they install generators and transformers with comparable MVA power capacities. In addition, MVA power is used as a basis for determining the quantity of electrical power required by an industry or residential area, which should correspond to the substation’s MVA power capacity.

Various power transformers have varying MVA power ratings. Engineers analyse the compatibility of power transformers in order to match the transmission of electricity from the substation to industries and residences. Matching the MVA rating of transformers and substations decreases power loss. In addition, it results in well-controlled electricity, which helps prevent power surges that cause property damage and loss of life.


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