What Is Massage Therapy in Mexico?

Mexican massage treatment employs techniques derived from ancient Mayan and Aztec healers’ and spiritual counsellors’ healing procedures. In modern times, specialists known as “sobadoras,” which loosely translates to “street masseuse,” practise this type of therapy. Local spices and plants, such as copal or floral herbs, are used in many Mexican, Mayan, and Aztec massage treatments. Obsidian stones, which are revered in Mexican culture, are also employed in a variety of treatments.

In modern Mexican and Central American society, sobadoras serve as unqualified chiropractors. Outside of the established medical sector, these health practitioners treat patients by applying a lubricant such as baby or mineral oil to the affected body part before performing a type of linfatic massage. The inside of the forearms, the outside of the wrists, the abdomen, and the feet are common targets for these specialists.

The ancient Mayan civilization spanned Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, and El Salvador, whereas the ancient Aztec empire was made up of a loose collection of city-states in central Mexico. The Temazcal steam bath ritual and the Sobada herb therapy are two traditional Mexican massage practises stemming from Mayan and Aztec customs.


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