IMGSRC is a free website in Russia where people can share photos. Users can post any kind of image on the site, and some people have used it to spread child pornography. Some of the people who use the website have been arrested and charged with crimes. Most of the site is legal to use. As of 2014, IMGSRC had 637,000 users who had uploaded 38 million photos.

Many of the photos on iMGSRC are posted legally, but thousands of them are posted with a password that only members know in order to see them. Even though the National Crime Agency in the UK keeps an eye on the photos posted on the website, it can only arrest people who post illegal content.

Alex Gonzalez, from New Jersey, was arrested and charged with posting sexually explicit photos of a 15-year-old high school student on iMGSRC in the spring of 2014. For his crime, the man was given a 10-year prison sentence. In 2013, Paul Manganelli Jr., a police officer in Massachusetts, was charged with using iMGSRC to receive and send photos and videos of child pornography. The officer says he used the website to do research and find child pornographers who work online. In 2014, he was given a five-year sentence in a federal prison.


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