What Is Community Plate Silverware?

Beginning in 1899, the Oneida Community produced silver-plated flatware under many names or “marks,” including Community Plate. An alloy of base metals can be coated with a thin layer of silver through the process of silver plating.

Community Plate was one of Oneida’s early trademarks, and it helped the company establish itself as one of the leading producers of silver-plated flatware in the 19th century. The words “Community Plate” and a number of Oneida hallmarks are stamped on each piece of flatware from this brand.

The utopian society that operated a number of enterprises to sustain the community and was established in New York in the middle of the 19th century is where the Oneida corporation originated. Later, it acquired William Rogers’ businesses, who was instrumental in creating the electroplating method that made silver plating feasible.


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