What Is Chismosa’s English Name?

gossip) chismosa (also: chismoso, cotilla, hocicón, hocicona) chismosa (also: chismoso, cotilla, hocicón, hocicona) chismosa (also: chismoso, cotilla, hocic (person)

So, what exactly does Cheesemosa imply?

chismosoa chismosa. adjective. chismosoa chismosa. chismosoa chismosa. chismosoa chismosa. chismoso HarperCollins Publishers, Collins Complete Spanish Electronic Dictionary, 2011.

What are Chismes, by the way? chisme, chisme, chisme, chisme, chisme, chismes is a masculine noun with a singular plural. In English, “chisme” means “gossip,” “buzz,” “gossip,” and “drip.” chismes, habladera, habladuras, chismera, chismografa, chismorreo, comadreo are all Spanish synonyms for “chisme.” Define the term “chisme”: Chismorrear is a chismorrear is a chismorrear is a

It’s also important to know what Metiche means in English.

votes. Because the term “metiche” is derived from Nahuatl rather than Latin or Castellano, it is absent from several dictionaries. Metiche meaning to be inquisitive, to meddle in other people’s lives, to get involved in other people’s problems.

What’s a good synonym for nosy?

adjective. SYNONYMS 1’he had to whisper to avoid being overheard by their inquisitive neighbours’ prying, inquisitive, interested, busybody, probing, spying, eavesdropping, intrusive, inquisitive, inquisitive, inquisitive, inquisitive, inquisitive, inquisitive, in snoopy, casual spying

Related Questions

What exactly is a Chamba?

chamba f (plural chambas) fluke (Spain) (Spain) a trench or a ditch. deep scar (Spain) (by comparison with a ditch).

In English, what is Sangrona?

san·grón Both Genders – Singular Noun In English, “sangrón” means “pain in the neck,” “annoying individual,” “drag,” “pest,” and “nuisance.”

What is a Chismosa, exactly?

A Chismosa is someone who acts as the neighbourhood gossiper, and it’s almost always your grandmother or aunt. However, it goes much beyond.

What exactly is a Cochina?

filthy, nasty, filthy, filthy, filthy, filthy, filthy, filth 2. common: bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad,

What does the word Chimosa imply?

It’s someone who is nosy or enjoys gossiping. Gossip might be interpreted as chisme or cotilleo.

What is a Chiflada, exactly?

1) The term implies nutty, insane, according to Merriam-Webster. 2) The term denotes a madman or a crazy person. They’re both partially correct, but not entirely. As a noun or an adjective, chiflado implies spoilt to me.

What exactly is juicy rumour?

“Juicy gossip” is a neutral slang term that refers to “interesting information about someone or something” (and may or may not be true, usually talking badly about someone)


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