What Is Another Name for the Male Deer?

There are other names for male deer, such as buck, bull, hart, and stag. There are more than 100 species of deer in the United States, but the whitetail deer is the most common.

Female deer are referred to as does, hinds, or cows, and young deer are known as calves or fawns.

Only deer have antlers, which are the quickest sort of living tissue on Earth. Reindeer, blacktail deer, moose, elk, mule deer, and caribou are other species of antlered deer. The number of antler points is frequently used to characterise male deer. A deer having eight separate points on its antlers, for instance, may be referred to as an 8-point deer.

The vocabulary pertaining to deer is derived from Germanic languages. The word “deer” originated in Middle English and was originally a broad noun that became more specific through time. According to different dialects, the words for male and female deer vary. “Hart” refers exclusively to male red deer. Although only giant male deer are referred to as “bulls.” Some of the nomenclature used for male deer can also be applied to other animals, such as the term “bull” for a cow.


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