What Is a Petition Prayer?

A prayer of supplication is a prayer that addresses both personal and communal concerns. Prayers are a way for people to communicate with God. Petition prayers are also known as supplication prayers. Intercession prayers are petition prayers that are designed for the benefit of others.

One example of a prayer of petition is Jesus’ “Our Daily Bread” request, which is also known as “The Lord’s Prayer” and found in the books of Luke and Matthew. Christians offer petitions to God, asking for all of their bodily, psychological, spiritual, and emotional needs to be met. Christians should make prayer requests that are in harmony with God’s will for their lives, according to Prayercoach.

Prayercoach warns that if one’s motivations for praying are improper, prayers will not be answered as the petitioner intends, according to the Bible and Christian teachings. Petition prayers are privileged prayers, and for the most effective prayers, one should aim for an intimate relationship with God. Christians should begin their petition prayers by thanking, worshipping, and praising God. Christians should make it a point to remind God that they are asking, not demanding, and that they are accepting his will for their lives, whether or not their request is granted.

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