What Is a Male Dog Called?

A typical male dog is frequently referred to as a “dog.” In technical words, this indicates that the dog has neither sired any offspring nor been utilised for breeding. Animals are usually referred to by a single generic term that lacks difference. However, here is where dogs and cats differ. Tomcats are the common name for male cats, whilst cats are the common name for female cats.

The Origins of the Word “Dog”

The origins of the term “dog” are shrouded in enigma. It is derived from the Old English word “docga,” which meaning strong or powerful. In the 1500s, it was used to denote a certain mastiff-type dog breed. Prior to the year 1500, dogs were typically referred to as “hounds,” derived from the German word “hund.” “hund” is a masculine word, but “hundin” is the feminine equivalent. Generally speaking, male dogs were considered the default, whereas female dogs required a different name.

The term “cur” was used to refer to all male dogs. However, usage declined since the moniker was offensive to men. People disliked this word because it sounded like you were swearing.

The same holds true for the word “bitch.” Everyone is aware that “bitch” is the technical term for a female dog. Throughout the word’s sociolinguistic evolution, however, a negative connotation has been added to it. People now associate “bitch” with a curse, not a pet, whenever they hear the word. Due to the associated stigma, people no longer call female dogs by this name.

Specific Terms for Male Canines

In the professional breeding community, a bunch of puppies is referred to as a litter, but the male dog that fathers a litter is referred to as a sire. When you read a dog’s pedigree, you won’t simply see the word “dog” since professional terminology such as “sire” and “stud dog” are used.

Female dogs who have given birth to puppies are referred to as “dams.” If a female has never given birth, she is referred to as a bitch or a female dog. So you are familiar with the technical words. But are they appropriate for casual chat outside of the breeding community while introducing your dog?

Breeding Definitions for Dogs

People often only use the phrases “sire,” “dam,” and “litter” when discussing the pedigree of a dog. This indicates that these terms should only be used in conjunction with other terms in a pedigree. When introducing your dog to others, you should not state, “My male dog is a sire,” despite the fact that he is the father of a puppy. The reason is that you are not discussing his ancestry. You are simply presenting him. You do not mention his connections to the woman and his offspring.

When discussing his pedigree, you may then employ the specialised terminology. You may state, “My dog has fathered five litters. The dam is absent. She is currently nursing her litter.” Therefore, it is only fair to use technical phrases when discussing a dog’s pedigree and establishing its familial relationships.


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