What Is a Group of Foxes Called?

A collection of foxes is known as a skulk, leash, or earth. The name “skulk” may be applied to any animal considered vermin, but it is most commonly linked with foxes, which are seen as vermin in Europe and the United Kingdom due to their abundance.

The primary definition of “skulk” is to wait, lurk, or move quietly. It is derived from older Scandinavian words that mean to procrastinate, spare oneself, or play truant. Foxes are notoriously evasive when being pursued, retreating into burrows or climbing trees to evade capture. This habit may have led to the term “skulk” being used to describe them. It is important to notice that foxes rarely gather in groups. Foxes are solitary animals, and while they may establish family units when their young are very young, they do not typically roam in packs like wolves.


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