What Is a Group of Doves Called?

According to the United States Geological Survey, a dule is a group of doves, whereas a pitying is a group of turtle doves. These collective nouns refer especially to groups of doves or turtle doves, however other terms, such as “gang” or “flock,” are also valid for describing three or more doves.

A collective noun is a single word that is used to describe a group of two or more animals. The collective nouns allocated to characterise a particular group of animals can appear sardonic or comical. It is ironic that the root word for turtle doves’ collective noun is “pity.” Crows and cockroaches also have collective nouns that are descriptive in more ways than one.

There are several broad collective nouns that can be used to describe any bird species, such as flight (for flocks of birds in flight) and volary. These terms may be substituted for dule and pitiful when describing groups of doves.


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