What Is a Group of Bees Called?

A collection of bees is frequently referred to as a “swarm.” According to the Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center, a swarm may alternatively be referred to as a “hive” or “grist of bees.” Summertime swarms might contain as many as 35,000 bees in a colony.

There are three sorts of bees living in the colony of a hive. It is a highly structured society centred on the requirements of one queen. There are thousands of female worker bees and hundreds of male drones in the colony. By autumn, a colony of bees is virtually exclusively female, as the male drones are expelled. As female workers perish and the queen becomes less productive, swarm populations can drop to as few as 5,000 bees. Swarms have limited lifespans. A worker bee female lives approximately 40 days, whereas drones survive 56 days.


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