What Is a Dialog Box Launcher?

A dialogue box launcher is an icon that launches numerous choices in the ribbon menu of Microsoft Office applications. Depending on the menu selected, the dialogue box launcher displays several options.

In the spreadsheet application Excel, dialogue boxes allow users to enter data and pick options for various worksheet components. When a dialogue box launcher is clicked, a dialogue box relating to the options in the menu group is displayed.

In Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and other Microsoft products, users can add a dialogue box launcher to any collection of ribbon menu options. Since 2007, Microsoft Office products have utilised the ribbon interface, directing users to click on a number of toolbars and graphical elements organised by function. Some menus only appear when required for specific functions. Microsoft’s ribbon toolbar is known as the Fluent User Interface. It was meant to solve the problem of users being unable to locate particular programme controls when they were needed.

Only Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access contained the ribbon in the 2007 Microsoft Office package. In version 2010, all Office components utilised a ribbon. Microsoft has gradually implemented the ribbon in various other applications, such as Windows 7, Paint, and WordPad.


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