What Is a Decimal Form of 2/3?

When rounded to three decimals, two-thirds is equal to 0.667 in decimal format. The actual decimal representation of 2/3 is 0.666. An ellipsis is placed after the number to show that it repeats indefinitely.

The denominator of a fraction must be altered to 10 in order to convert it to decimal form. The denominator in the example above is three. When rounded to three decimal places, it is multiplied by 3.333 to get the number ten.

Add two and three together, then multiply by 3.333 to convert 2/3 to a decimal. When adjusted to three decimals, three times 3.333 is equal to 10, while two times 3.333 is equal to 6.667. The ratio changes to 6.667/10 as a result. 6.667 divided by 10 results in 0.667.


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