What Is a Computerized Database?

A computer database is a large collection of electronic files maintained in a single area and built and modelled to support operations requiring the storage and easy retrieval of pertinent information. Typically, database management systems software is used to administer and operate computer databases. These management systems permit users to add, modify, manipulate, and store data as necessary.

Commonly, the term database refers to any collection of files on a computer system. However, in the strictest definition, a database has the unique ability to cross-reference information, allowing users to quickly locate files by entering keywords pertinent to the file they are querying.

According to Computer Hope, a database is often referred to as a databank, and examples include mailing lists, library records, school register systems, airline booking systems, and employee records for businesses.

Larger firms employ a more complex centralised database system to manage internal operations, maintain inventories, monitor sales records, and compile customer lists. These specialised systems may store a variety of file kinds, including digital images, videos, word documents, and spreadsheets, and allow employees to access several file types from various places within the organization’s premises.


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