What Is a Certificate of Merit?

A merit certificate is a document that acknowledges the accomplishments of an individual or group. The certificate expresses respect and gratitude, but honour predominates. The certificate is only awarded to persons who have earned the distinction.

Teachers honour meritorious students for their exceptional performance and academic achievements in one or more subject areas. Schools also provide recognition certificates to students who exhibit exemplary conduct or who have achieved exceptional success. Companies award merit certificates to employees in celebration of their excellent achievements and efforts, in addition to their status as outstanding employees. The merit certificate recognises the level of service and commitment demonstrated by individuals in the course of their employment.

In reference to persons, the term “merit” has three unique definitions: a person with an admirable quality, one who performs good things for others, and one who demonstrates good behaviour. In educational settings, businesses, and organisations, these terms are used when considering awarding awards of merit to deserving individuals. To get a certificate of merit, an individual must have made a significant contribution to the school, company, or community, or made a perceptible difference.


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