What is a “Boom Boom Volleyball” Cheat Code?

When trying to enter topless mode in “Boom Boom Volleyball,” the sole cheat code is to type “getumout” in the password field. This cheat code has no effect on the game’s gameplay, but it causes Candy and Missy, the two volleyball players, to play topless. This game does not have any other cheat codes.

The flash game “Boom Boom Volleyball” can be played in any Web browser. The key distinction between “Boom Boom Volleyball” and ordinary volleyball games is that the ball used by the two girls is truly a bomb. The topless mode is another key lure to this game, although it is hidden behind a cheat code to prevent little children from accessing it. Because the code is widely available on the Internet, this game is commonly referred to be an adult game.

Since its introduction as a flash game, “Boom Boom Volleyball” has garnered a lot of positive feedback. The game’s controls are simple to learn, and the gameplay is slightly addictive. Mohsye is the creator of this game. “Mind Tree,” “Sewer Run 2,” and “Boom Boom” are among the other games created by this studio.

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