What is a 36-Inch Waist Measurement for Women?

A woman’s clothing size for a 36-inch waist can vary based on where she shops and what style of clothes she’s looking for, but an ASOS 36-inch waist could indicate a US size 14 in the curve size guide or a US size 4 in the maternity size guide. Some manufacturers, such as American Eagle, don’t have garments that fit a waist of 36 inches.

Although a 36-inch waist is considered an XL size, most garment types, particularly dresses, require additional measures, such as the bust and hip dimensions. Other measurements, particularly the hip measurement, are required to establish the correct size of skirts.

ASOS has a petite, curve, and pregnancy size rating system for its clothing. Because these measurements were originally published in British units, they must be translated to American equivalents. In general, any ASOS size in the United Kingdom is four sizes larger than the equivalent in the United States. The small section does not have any sizes for 36-inch waist measurements, but the curve and maternity sections do. As a result, size specifications differ slightly between brands, with some brands not even offering garments that suit a 36-inch waist.


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