What Is a 10-Key Experience?

The number of times someone has used the 10-key pad on a keyboard is called their “ten-key experience.” This is used a lot in jobs where people type numbers instead of letters on keyboards. When you use the 10-key pad on the computer, you don’t have to deal with all the letters and the number line at the top of the keyboard. This makes it easier to just focus on the numbers.

Keystrokes per minute, or “kpm,” is the most common way to measure 10-key experience. This is like the “wpm” or “words per minute” metric used to measure how fast someone types. Ten-key experience is often needed for jobs like customer service reps who work from home, transcriptionists, and people who do medical coding and billing.

To get 10-key experience, you can take a class at a community college, use online tutorials, get training at a public library, or get training at a temp agency. In order to help people get jobs, temp agencies often teach people how to do things like word processing, data entry, and spreadsheets. As of May 2012, the Bureau of Labor Statistics says that the national median wage for data entry keyers is $13.47 an hour, with the top 10% making $20 an hour.


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