What Insects Start With the Letter N?

The northern corn rootworm and native elm bark beetles are two insects that begin with the letter “N.” Another bug that begins with the letter is the netwinged beetle.

All around Minnesota, elms are home to native elm bark beetles. When fully developed, the tiny beetles rarely reach a length of more than one-eighth of an inch. Elm trees become overrun by beetles, who then lay their eggs there. Under the bark are where the eggs are located. The disease that kills Dutch elm trees and reduces their populations was caused by this activity.

On corn plants all around the world, the northern corn rootworm can be found. The insects are more prevalent in the Midwestern region of the United States and only grow to a maximum size of three sixteenths of an inch. The rootworm spawns eggs, and the eggs eat the corn stalks as they develop.

As far west as Wyoming and as far north as Canada, the netwinged beetle can be found. This insect lays its eggs on dead plant material.


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