What Impact Did Gerald and Kathy Crabb’s Divorce Have on Their Children?

There has been no official word from any family members on how Gerald and Kathy Crabb’s divorce affected the Crabb family as of July 2015, but the family split off into several ministries shortly after the divorce. By pursing separate ministries, the siblings elected to go in various directions.

Gerald Crabb and Kathy Crabb established The Crabb Family, a southern gospel ensemble. When Gerald and Kathy married, they were both divorced and had children from prior marriages. Aaron, Adam, Jason, and Terah were Gerald’s four children. Krystal and Kelly were Kathy’s two daughters.

The Crabb Family was born when the kids began singing along with their father. Kathy Crabb played the role of the group’s owner and manager. The band recorded multiple albums and received various honours.

Gerald and Kathy separated in 2006, and there was no formal explanation given for the split. In an interview with Pat Brannon, an award-winning children’s author and Christian, Kathy asserts that the divorce has had no impact on the family. She claims that while the group’s professional paths diverged, they remained a family.

Gerald and Kathy are both married as of 2015. Debi Jackson is Gerald’s wife. Kathy Hannah is the wife of Steve Hannah. Kathy became a realtor in Nashville after retiring from The Crabb Family in 2007.


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