What Happens When You Combine a Small Amount of Windex and Clorox Bleach?

When bleach and Windex are combined, hazardous fumes and chemicals are produced. Ammonia is listed as one of the constituents in Windex Original by S. C. Johnson & Sons, Inc.

Ammonia and sodium hypochlorite, the main component of bleach, combine to make chloramine vapour, with the possibility of hydrazine production as well. Even in modest doses, mixing these two liquids is discouraged by experts.

The fumes created from the chemical reaction of bleach and Windex assault the mucous membranes and eyes. The greatest risk comes from breathing in the fumes. Once inside the lungs, they also begin to damage the tissue there.

The amount of ammonia in the mixture determines whether hydrazine may form. Although this mixture generates an imperfect form of hydrazine, which can generate heat and spray the hazardous mixture from the container, pure hydrazine is an explosive gas.

Individuals enduring exposure to toxic chemicals require fresh air. If the victim is unconscious, the person who finds him should take him outside and dial 911 for assistance. Ventilation and time allows the gas to disperse from a room after an accident.

The concentration of harmful substances is diluted by adding a lot of water to the mixture. Rubber gloves are necessary for the protection of those who are in charge of cleaning the area.


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