What Happens If Your Finger’s Blood Supply Is Cut Off?

According to WebMD, severing the blood supply and circulation to a finger causes the tissue to die. Gangrene is the ensuing ailment, which requires rapid medical intervention.

Blood supplies oxygen, nutrients, and infection-fighting antibodies to every region of the body. WebMD states that when the blood supply is restricted or cut off from any portion of the body, blood cannot flow as needed and cells in that region begin to die. Gangrene is caused by the death of cell tissue, and the toes and fingers are most prone to this illness. Significant trauma or injury, Raynaud’s phenomenon, diabetes, atherosclerosis, peripheral artery disease, and smoking are all factors that might impair blood circulation and lead to the development of gangrene.

Gangrene caused by the cessation of blood flow to the fingers, toes, or any other body part can be classed as dry or moist. People with diabetes or autoimmune illnesses are susceptible to dry gangrene due to the progressive process of diminished blood circulation. The withering tissue may turn brown, then purple, and then black without becoming infected. A abrupt and traumatic loss of blood supply to a bodily component causes wet gangrene. Rapid tissue death and the onset of an infection are noted by WebMD. The infection caused by wet gangrene can rapidly spread throughout the body.

Cold hand syndrome is another disorder that can cut off circulation to the fingers. This disorder can result in numbness or pain, swelling, extremely chilly hands, tingling, and discolouration. According to the University of Chicago Medicine, cold hand syndrome may result from trauma, tumours, blood clots, or vascular anomalies.


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