What Happens If You Mix Clorox Bleach and Windex in a Small Amount?

Combining bleach and Windex generates hazardous fumes and compounds. According to S. C. Johnson & Sons, Inc., one of the components in Windex Original is ammonia. When ammonia and sodium hypochlorite, the main component of bleach, are combined, chloramine vapour and hydrazine production are both possible. Even in modest quantities, experts warn avoiding mixing these two liquids.

The fumes created by the chemical interaction between bleach and Windex irritate the eyes and mucous membranes. The greatest risk is posed by inhaling the vapours. Once within the lungs, they also damage the lung tissue. The potential for hydrazine production is proportional to the ammonia concentration in a mixture. Pure hydrazine is an explosive gas, but this mixture produces an impure form that can generate heat and spray the hazardous mixture out of the container.

Individuals who are exposed to toxic pollutants require fresh air. If the individual is unconscious, the person who discovers him must take him to fresh air and phone 911. After an accident, ventilation and time allow the gas to disperse from the room. Adding significant quantities of water to the combination dilutes the harmful chemical concentration. Individuals responsible for cleaning the area must wear rubber gloves for protection.


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