What Happened With Paul Crouch Jr’s Divorce?

In 2007, Paul Crouch Jr. and his ex-wife Tawny Dryden split. As of July 2015, the divorce’s specific cause is unknown. There are speculations that Paul Crouch Jr. is having an affair, but no reports have been substantiated.

Paul Crouch Jr. is the oldest son of Trinity Broadcasting Network founders Paul Crouch Sr. and Jan Crouch. Paul Crouch Jr. played a significant role in the early years of TBN and was affiliated with the network in numerous capacities until his dismissal in 2011. As of July 2015, Paul Crouch Jr. is the director of project development at The Word Network.

In 1980, Paul Crouch Jr. married Tawny Dryden. Tawny Dryden is the daughter of Oklahoma City preachers Ron and Lynda Dryden. Carra, Brittany, and Brandon are the three children of the couple’s marriage.

In 2011, Carra Crouch, the youngest child of Paul Crouch Jr. and Tawny Dryden, sued her grandparents and TBN. She alleged that a TBN staffer sexually assaulted her in 2006, when she was 13 years old. She claimed that her grandparents did nothing about the incident and attempted to cover it up without filing a report.

According to reports, the lawsuit was the primary reason for Paul Crouch Jr.’s removal from TBN. In addition, it is alleged that the 2006 rape of their daughter contributed to Paul Crouch Jr. and Tawny Dryden’s 2007 divorce.


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