What Happened to Beth Moore’s Son Michael?

After much prayer and thought, Beth Moore’s son Michael was returned to his birth mother when he was 11 years old. She still sees him frequently, though. Moore and her husband Keith had already raised two children when they decided to adopt a friend’s 4-year-old son. When Michael’s original mother was able to rear him once more, the Moore family returned him.

For seven years, Moore treated Michael like her own son. She faced several challenges throughout her life, one of which was returning the kid to his birth mother. Moore’s book “Feathers for My Nest,” in which she describes how difficult it was for her to give up Michael, goes into detail about the adoption procedure.

Apparently, Moore was abused as a young child, according to Joy magazine. She is the founder of Living Proof Ministries, an organisation that exhorts women to live according to Christian values.

Despite having Christian parents, she developed a distinct relationship with God as a result of her battles to break free from bondage.

According to Charisma magazine, the abuse took place between the ages of 5 and the end of primary school. In addition, Moore’s mother passed away from cancer, and as a teenager, she struggled with low self-esteem. Moore was able to start her Houston-based ministry for women thanks to all of these obstacles.


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