What Goes Everywhere but Stays in One Place?

What goes around the world but stays in the corner? The answer is a stamp. This is because an envelope with a stamp on it can go anywhere in the world, but stamps are always put in the corner of an envelope.

Like all riddles, this one is a question that is meant to make people think too much about the answer. To find the answer or the meaning, you have to be creative. There are also many other puzzles.

“What has a foot but no legs?” is another type of riddle. The answer to this riddle is a snail.

Here’s another common riddle: What is it? The poor have it, the rich need it, and if you eat it, you’ll die. Nothing is the answer to this riddle. This is a great example of how riddles can have trick questions or, as in this case, require a bit of creativity to figure out.

People often get stuck when trying to solve a riddle because they aren’t thinking about the riddle’s question in the right way. Because of this, riddles can be very hard to solve, and many people enjoy trying to do so or coming up with new ones.


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