What Foods Are Allowed on the AdvoCare 10-Day Cleanse Diet?

Fresh or raw vegetables and fruits, 100 percent whole-grain brown rice, oatmeal, and nondairy milks such as almond milk and rice milk are permitted on the AdvoCare 10-day cleanse diet. Chicken, fish, turkey breast, and turkey ground meat are the diet’s favourite meats.

Dietary sources of healthy fats on the AdvoCare 10-day cleanse include avocados, olives and olive oil, and raw nuts and seeds. Almond and peanut butter are other excellent sources of fat for the diet. In addition, beans, lentils, hummus, chicken broth, and vegetable broth are permitted.

The 10-day AdvoCare cleanse is part of a broader 24-day challenge. This portion of the diet provides participants with a fresh start on their new nutrition goals and aids in nutrient absorption. AdvoCare’s nutritional supplements, such as Herbal Cleanse and Probiotic Restore, OmegaPlex tablets for important fatty acids, and AdvoCare Spark, which gives dieters more energy and focus, all play a role in the diet.

The AdvoCare 10-day cleanse prohibits all foods that are white, including white bread, pasta, and rice. As sugar and honey are forbidden, dieters should consume only fresh fruits as desserts. The plan also prohibits fried foods and mold-containing items such as mushrooms and cheese. During the cleanse, alcohol consumption is prohibited by the diet.


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