What Flavor of Jell-O Is Clear?

There is no one taste for Jell-O. You can buy clear gelatin as a powder, a capsule, or a leaf. Before flavourings are added, clear gelatin has no taste.

There are different kinds of Jell-O, such as strawberry, which is red, lemon-lime, which is green, and raspberry, which is burgundy. Jell-O sells puddings in flavours like banana split, cinnamon rice, vanilla rice, and butterscotch, as well as flavoured gelatin. Key Lime Pie Temptations, French Silk Pie Temptations, and Raspberry Cheesecake Temptations are all kinds of mousses.

When using clear gelatin, it is important to know that one sheet of gelatin is equal to 3 teaspoons of gelatin powder. Gelatin leaves should be soaked in water for about five minutes, after which they should be taken out of the water and dried to get rid of any extra water.


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