What Features Does the DTE Home Protection Plan Include?

The DTE Home Protection Plan offers flexible payment options for the coverage plans, no additional fees for labour or components, no travel or service fees, and year-round customer service that is always available. Additionally, DTE Energy offers Home Protection Plans, which are created expressly for plumbing or appliances.

Numerous appliances are covered by the DTE Whole Home Protection Plan, including furnaces, central air conditioners, water heaters, refrigerators, washers, and dryers. Almost all plumbing repairs are also covered.

Customers of the DTE Whole Home Protection Plan are able to request maintenance assistance, repairs, and replacement components for any covered appliances. Customers who want to benefit from the DTE Protection Plan must pay a monthly fee.

In contrast to the DTE Whole Home Protection Plan, the DTE Appliance Home Protection Plan is focused on providing consumers with protection similar to a guarantee for their home appliances.

It also has a lower monthly cost. All service and repair specialists who provide services under the plan are screened by DTE Energy.

The majority of residential plumbing repair issues with regard to toilets, faucets, water lines, and other items are covered by the DTE Plumbing Home Protection Plan. The plan also offers qualified clients the choice of monthly payments and, if wanted, sump pump coverage.


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