What Exactly Is StarHOT for Starwood Associates?

Through the StarHOT programme, employees of participating Starwood franchise hotels and Starwood hotels can reserve rooms at any other Starwood hotel beyond the one where they now work at a reduced cost. The StarHOT programme is open to immediate family members, regardless of whether the employee is present.

No of how long they have been employed, all active employees are qualified to use StarHOT for leisure travel only. Through StarHOT, Associates may reserve an infinite number of nights, but the maximum stay at any one resort is 14 days. The final room cost after discounts vary and is displayed when making a reservation.

Visit One.StarwoodHotels.com and sign in with your employee login and password to make a reservation online. Choose E-Tools, then launch Book StarHOT. You can also phone their toll-free number to make a reservation for a hotel within the next 90 days. Avoid calling the hotel.

When a hotel’s booked or predicted capacity is at least 80%, during high-traffic holidays or events, or during other times, StarHOT is not accessible. Otherwise, at least 5% of each Starwood hotel’s rooms must be made available to StarHOT visitors. The hotel treats employees and their families who participate in the StarHOT programme as normal guests, and they are expected to act accordingly at all times.


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