What Does the Number 25 Mean in Biblical Numerology?

The number 25 represents grace upon grace, since 20 represents redemption and 5 represents grace, and 5 times 5 equals 25. This theme appears throughout the Bible and carries tremendous symbolic weight in numerology circles.

Numerous biblical events are metaphorically associated with the number 25. King Jehoshaphat ruled for 25 years, and Ezekiel saw the temple in the 25th year of his incarceration. These events are replicated elsewhere in verse and structure, forming an interconnecting symbolic portrait that describes the number and its relationship to biblical mysticism in greater detail.

The books of Jude and Philemon each have only 25 verses, making them particularly relevant to this area of numerology. Also noteworthy are the several poems including every alphabetic sign except Q, which is a very hard question due to its translation. These verses have symbolic importance regarding forgiveness, mercy, and the purification and renewal of the soul. Grace within grace is the concept that God’s grace is boundless and endlessly emanates from itself.

There are twenty-four elders seated on thrones around God’s throne in heaven. This sum, consisting of 25 thrones and 25 occupants, is immensely noteworthy and has prompted some to elevate the number. It is intricately interwoven with angelic numerology and other arcane fields of study.


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