What does the Bible have to say about the number 25?

The number 25 means grace on top of grace, because 20 means redemption and 5 means grace, and 5 times 5 is 25. This theme keeps coming up in the Bible, and in numerology circles, it has a lot of symbolic weight.

Symbolically, the number 25 is linked to many events in the Bible. King Jehoshaphat was in charge for 25 years, and Ezekiel had his vision of the temple in the 25th year that he was locked up.

These events are repeated in other verses and structures, making a symbolic picture of how the number and its connection to Biblical mysticism fit together.

Each of the books of Jude and Philemon only has 25 verses, which makes them interesting in this area of numerology. Also interesting are the many verses that have every letter of the alphabet except Q, which is a very hard question to translate. These verses have special meanings that have to do with forgiveness, mercy, and the soul being cleansed and reborn. Grace within grace is the idea that God’s grace has no end and keeps coming out of itself.

Around the throne of God in heaven, 24 elders are sitting on thrones. This number, 25 thrones and 25 people sitting on them, is very important and has led some people to raise the number. It has a lot to do with angelic numerology and other strange fields.


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