What Does RVCA Stand For?

PM Tenore, the inventor of RVCA, claims that the name and logo represent the balance of opposites, notably in the chevron pattern generated by the letters “V” and “A.” It has been suggested that it is a pun on the Greek word meaning clothes.

RVCA, pronounced “roo-ka,” aspires to achieve an integration of various subcultures on a single platform. The RVCA apparel and accessory line is the result of a partnership between members from several subcultures. The objective of the company’s founder, PM Tenore, was to create unconventional and trend-defying athletic gear.

In addition to the apparel brand, Tenore has inspired artists, musicians, and designers to broaden their creativity and inspire others via community service. RVCA and the Artist Network Program aim to transform how the media perceives fashion and art.


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