What Does ‘Future Endeavor’ Mean?

The phrase “future endeavours” is used to wish someone success in their future activities. These endeavours may be related to a planned job, education, projects, or other future endeavour. Future refers to a time that has not yet arrived. In this context, the phrase “endeavours” indicates “to attempt something with much effort.” It can also be understood as a noun meaning “a proactive effort to achieve an objective.”


To determine the origin of the expression “future endeavours,” it is necessary to first deconstruct it. The genesis of the term “future” occurred between 1325 and 1375 A.D. It is believed to have originated from Middle English “future” or Old French and Latin “futurus.” As a noun, “future” denotes “to yet be, to be in the future.”

The genesis of the word “endeavours” occurred between 1350 and 1400 A.D. It can be traced back to the Middle English term “endeveren.” It is derived from the term “putten in devoir,” which translates to “make an attempt” and “accept responsibility.” The term “endeavour” can function both as a verb and a noun. It is used as a noun in the phrase “future endeavours” with the meanings “making a serious, deliberate effort” and “actively working toward a certain objective.”

Appropriate Occasions

There are certain instances in which the phrase “future efforts” is used. This phrase is commonly used while wishing someone good fortune. Common instances are graduations where the graduate will use their acquired education to pursue a career or a deeper understanding of their subject matter. When a person quits one job position for another, the term “future endeavours” is also used.

However, “future endeavours” might also be used as a consolation. When a person is fired or let go from an employment, it is common to wish them “good luck in their future undertakings.” This is a well-known catchphrase used by WWE vice president John Laurinaitis when he fires a performer on television.


Wishing someone well through the usage of the phrase “future endeavours” has been used for millennia. However, there is a vast range of alternatives that can be employed in its place. Here are several examples:

Enjoy your newfound freedom

Excellent to have known you

Good luck with whatever that comes your way in the future ― I hope it goes well for you

Remember to maintain contact at all times, my friend.

I hope all your plans come to fruition.

If life is a game, I hope you always win.

May good fortune continually accompany you in your endeavours.

Although you hope to cross paths with this person again in the future, you wish them well regardless of what their future brings.


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