What Does an IQ of 120 Indicate?

According to Edublox, a person with an intelligence quotient of 120 falls within the superior range of 120 to 129 and is more intellectual than around 91 percent of the tested population. When IQ values are applied to employment options, people with a high IQ can work as nurses, pharmacists, accountants, school instructors, stenographers, and managers.

Edublox indicates that scores on the intelligence quotient are categorised into seven ranges. Below a score of 70, a person is deemed to have extremely low-functioning. Scoring between 70 and 79 is considered borderline. Individuals with a score between 80 and 89 are considered “below average.” Between 90 to 109, the midpoint of the scale, are regarded to be average. According to Edublox, average-income individuals typically work as labourers, miners, farmhands, carpenters, chefs, and machine operators. Individuals with scores between 110 and 119 are deemed above average. These individuals generally work as salespeople, electricians, foremen, telephone operators, clerks, and police officers. The greatest possible scores exceed 130 and are regarded as extremely superior. Common occupations for those in this range include civil and mechanical engineers, lawyers, surgeons, physicians, professors, and researchers.


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