What Does an Albino Wolf Look Like?

Despite the fact that polar wolves are frequently born completely white, there is a distinction to be made between white animals and albinos. Although potentially genetically feasible, there has never been a documented occurrence of a real albino wolf. Wolves are born with black or dark brown fur that gradually lightens as they mature.

True albinos have melanocytes that do not produce melanin, the pigment responsible for skin colour. Albino animals are distinguished by their crimson or pink eyes, which show capillaries due to a lack of melanin in the irises. Many albino animals and people suffer from photosensitivity and eye problems because melanin shields skin from UV radiation.

Albinism is a hereditary feature that can be inherited from either parent, despite the fact that it is frequently ignored as a random occurrence. Albinism is thought to occur once every 10,000 births in most mammals, according to research.

Because of their inability to fit in with their environment, albino animals are generally at a disadvantage in the wild. They are more visible to predators or prey due to their lack of concealment. While just a few albinos survive in the wild, many thrive in captivity. They are frequently desired as research subjects because to their genetic abnormalities. Some hunters are drawn to them because of their unusual coats.


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